About Us

AdPros LA, a member of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), is comprised of professionals involved in the creation, production and distribution of advertising, graphic design, digital design and media, photography and marketing communications, and who are committed to advancing themselves, their businesses and the industry.



IN THE BEGINNING was the printing press, which started publishing, which encouraged businesses who started advertising. Advertising evolved into the three martini lunch which became the Ad Club, that inaugurated $75 luncheons for the marketing directors of the Big Client Corporation, which drove creatives crazy and into some serious moping and discontent, and thus, AdPros LA was born.

Here we are today. A place where creatives can be with each other, share business ideas, conduct business, and do whatever creatives want to do with each other.

So, come one, come all, all you copywriters, art directors, creative directors, producers (both of broadcast and print), graphic and web designers, and the friends of said company, and let’s make Los Angeles a creative sanctuary that creates and good livelihood for each and every one of us. Okay?



Well, we do a lot of things.

For instance: Networking Lunches, Creative mixers. Portfolio Reviews. Creative Roundtables. Skill-Sharing Seminars. Agency visits. Production company visits. Community work. It's a long list, and getting longer all the time. (To see that list, visit our Event Calendar.)

Basically, if it can help creatives do better work, get better work, or get better at doing better work, we'll try it. Because for us, it's all about the work.



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