The Events Committee: loves to party. These folks make the Chapter fun for the rest of us. The Events Committee rocks! Literally and figuratively! Join this committee if you love to party, too.

The Membership Committee: people are builders. They see their work as making the Chapter better, stronger, and bigger. We love the Membership Committee. (The Events Committee couldn't party very well if it weren't for the Membership Committee, could they?)

The American Advertising Awards committee: people are our glory hounds. But they’re not just about taking personal credit, these folks recognize the power that awards have among clients. Join this committee if you just can’t wait for the AAA GalaAwards Banquet to see who’s doing what great creative.

The Executive Committee: makes it all happen. These are the hardest-working people in the Chapter. You've got to really put your nose to that grindstone to serve on this puppy. But the Chapter pays for dinner at Executive Committee meetings, so that's something.

Other Committees: Publicity. Website. Portfolio. Programs. Education. Marketing. Even a Silver Medal committee to honor those who have significantly impacted AdPros LA and our industry. Because it's time. Got an idea for a committee? Let us know. You can volunteer, and be on it. Because it's time.


Rich Hall
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Vice President & Event Chair:
Jeff Solomon
All American Markenting

Membership Chair:
Rich Hall
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American Advertising Awards Chair:

Tim Cormier
TSC Enterprises, LLC

Secretary & Communications Chair:
Immediate Past President & Government Affairs Chair:
Tatiana Mulry
DDX Media